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Introduction 常用詞 - see
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During the last decades have seen growing importance placed on cancer research.

過去幾十年中, 癌症研究的重要性與日俱增。


Recent years have seen increased attention being given to genome-wide analysis in cancer research.

近年來在癌症研究中, 全基因體的分析受到愈來愈多的注意。


The begining of the 1980s saw a number of attempts to search the oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes in molecular biology.

1980 年代初期出現許多嘗試尋找致癌基因或抑癌基因的分子生物研究。


The Asia saw a wealth of research into the characteristics of ratial genetic differences and how these are related to diseases.

亞洲有大量的研究出現, 探討種族的基因差異, 以及這些特性與疾病的關係。